Say 'Middle Ceeeeee!'



The rapture


Is that a bad sweater or bad chest hair?

Living dangerously

Living on the edge is so last year. This is living *past* the edge. With a grand piano.


ImageIt’s a… It’s a… Look, we don’t know. We just found ourselves outside wearing mismatched shades of black looking for our instruments. Or the concert hall. Or anything that would tell us what’s going on.

Hold it right there.


Mine is bigger than yours.

(Seriously. The cellist looks more confident than anyone else. Apparently size does matter to this group.)

Other things to do with your viola

This? This is nothing. Just wait ’til she balances the bow on top of the scroll.



Look. Look at my magical, manicured hands.

Got bassoon?

Perhaps a bassoon mustache?